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How Soy Protein Differs from Soy Protein Isolate?

Let’s understand what protein is all about. Why there are so many things available in the market? Why we always hear from people around us about protein. Imagine that you want to construct a building so, let’s construct a building with only cement and concrete and other building constructed with bricks, cement and concrete. So, which one will stand strong of years? I think you got the answer! The building which has bricks in it. Similarly, the protein is a building block for your muscles and tissues. So, you can imagine how important the protein is?

As per the latest research diets lack of protein is being seen. Protein is not only available in no-veg food but there are other various veg resources are available for protein. Let’s explore Soy protein. 

When you heard the term soy protein it is obvious that it is obtained from isolated soybeans and it is available in three forms soy flour, concentrates, and isolates. All forms of protein are used in the food industry since 1959. Protein is prepared from amino acids, scratch and essential amino acids but soybeans contain substantial quantities of B vitamins, dietary minerals and phytic acid. This source can be considered as the best source to make soy protein and soy protein isolate. This crop considers globally a very important crop because it provides high protein sources and oil.

The soy protein generally comes in the market in the form of small, medium and large size of chunks. It looks like light brown color rocks. On the other hand, the soy protein isolate is available in the market in the form of dry powder which is little white in color but in the market available in various flavors. Both this protein form is used in a variety of foods.

You can use soy protein in pet foods,  infant formulas, frozen desserts,  pastas,  salad dressings,  breakfast cereals,  whipped topping,  breads, meat analogs,  soups,  cheeses, beverage powders, nondairy creamer etc. Soy protein isolate is known in the market as a protein shake powder with additional flavorings and sweeteners. Used to make energy bars, soy smoothie, add soy isolate to make specific food dishes such as a power-packed bowl of oatmeal or add it in soups, casseroles, in your lunch and dinner food items, other weight loss and weight gain products. Both forms of soybean protein are easy to include in our diets on a day-to-day basis. So, eat healthily and stay fit to live a healthy active lifestyle. 

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