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Is Ascorbic Acid & Vitamin C Same or Not?

Vitamin C is also known for ascorbate. Vitamin C is very essential nutrients that need to repair the enzymatic construction of certain neuro transmitters and tissues.  The major unction of Vitamin C is an antioxidant. This Vitamin C was found in 1912 and in 1933 it was first chemically developed. So, in the current market Vitamin C is available in both Natural and Synthetic forms. This is a water-soluble micronutrient for human beings and can be taken through diets such as fruits andvegetables in addition to that Vitamin C becomes a co-factor for several other enzymes such as amino acid synthesis, macromolecules, neuropeptidehormones,epigenetics andneurotransmitters.

These days Vitamin C is available in various natural forms, foods, and supplements. The Ascorbic acid is a chemical name for Vitamin C and also helps to treat the disease called scurvy. Animal on this plant they produce their own Vitamin C but a human can’t produce the Vitamin C they need to take externally from their diet and from natural or synthetic sources. One should always give propriety to have dietary sources, such as fruits and vegetables which is a whole food. This natural resource does have more life span in the body as compared to synthetic Vitamin C.

Natural Sources of  Vitamin C

Following are the Fruits and Vegetable Where Vitamin C is Found: 

•             Berries

•             Oranges

•             Winter Squash

•             Green Peppers

•             Tomatoes

•             Watermelon

•             Raw Vegetables

•             Green And Leafy Vegetables

•             Grapefruit

•             Cabbage             

•             Kiwi

•             Broccoli

•             Mango

Vitamin C tablets are the synthetic source of the Ascorbic acid which has the chemically same structured to that of Vitamin C. This chemically composes artificial Vitamin C does not found in dietary sources. If you are not getting sufficient Vitamin C from your dietary sources then you are allowed to have the synthetic Vitamin C tablets as per your doctor’s consultation.  Keep in mind that it is always better to use natural resources when you are eating nutritional food because our body only understands nutrition.

What are The Benefits of  Vitamin C?

• It helps to reduce common cold, cancer risk, eye disease, and lead toxicity.

• Protects your memory and keeps your mind strong

• It acts as a good immunity booster

• Helps to prevent the deficiency of Iron

• Helps to reduce gout attacks

• Helps to reduce the chances or risk of heart diseases

• Helps to keep high blood pressure in control

• Helps to reduce the risk of chronic diseases 

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