Sodium Benzoate is Best Food Preservative, Know How?

Since the food has been evolved, preservatives have also came into existence in order to keep the food preserve from the outside moderators. 

You can ask your grandmom or to your mom for the same. 

However, as the technology got into consideration and experiments took place, a preservative named sodium benzoate got much popularity by the food experts. 

What is Sodium Benzoate?

Sodium benzoate is one of the most popular as an additive preservative in prepared nourishments and refreshments to elevate the time span of usability. Even there are many other sodium benzoate benefits too. 

This preservative is scentless, crystalline powder made by joining benzoic corrosive and sodium hydroxide. Benzoic corrosive is itself a preservative, and joining it with sodium hydroxide encourages it to dilute in the products. 

Sodium benzoate doesn’t evolve naturally, on the other side benzoic corrosive is found in numerous plants, including cinnamon, cloves, tomatoes, berries, plums, apples, and cranberries. Yes! You can find preservatives in plants as well.

What’s amazing is that certain bacteria produce benzoic corrosive when fermenting dairy items like yogurt. 

According to the research, sodium benzoate includes anti-fungal properties that protects the food from fungi and prevents the food to get soil. Thus, it takes care of your health too. 

Apart from being used as a common food preservative, sodium benzoate is widely used in different industries. Have a look:

  • Food and Beverages

You might be surprised to know that sodium benzoate is the first preservative allowed by the FDA in food. This preservative is inhibits the bacterial growth, thus deteriorating the spoilage. 

It works extremely effectively in acidic foods. Therefore, it is used in food such as soda, bottled lemon juice, jelly, salad, pickle, and much more. Thus, you can buy sodium benzoate online from our website. 

  • Medication

Sodium Benzoate over years has been used as the top preservative in some prescribed medications specifically in the cough syrups. Also, it is used as a lubricant in the pill manufacturing and make the tablets transparent enough to break down and swallow easily. 

Not just this, sodium benzoate is recommended to treat elevated blood levels of ammonia. Get sodium benzoate online from here. 

  • Other Industries

The story doesn’t end here. Sodium benzoate is commonly used preservative in cosmetics and personal care items too. Example- baby wipes, hair products, etc.

It is also used as an application to deter corrosion in car engines as a coolant. 

Moreover, the sodium benzoate is used as a stabilizer too. It improves the strength of the plastic types. 


Known as a strong preservative, Sodium Benzoate is an amazing product for almost all the industries. Thus, this versatile chemical, Sodium Benzoate uses are widely popular and the most preferred preservative by the users. 

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